The Future is Changing!

We are working to change the future! Hotel Serivces Management Solutions [HSMS] is proud to be part of a working group that is actively moving to change the future of food service in aged and community care. HSMS Director, Ellis Wilkinson, formed a group of like-minded people in 2013 that include So..

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Is there a correlation between a healthy balanced diet and increased energy, shorter time spent healing, where medical costs are reduced?

You know, I am only expressing my own opinion here but my logic says, a healthy balanced diet vs. a diet of supplements is a no brainer. The use of food before supplements can be cheaper and have a better outcome for the resident. Some studies have shown the following. An article from the European J..

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Reduce cost without reducing service delivery or labour!

We are all highly focused on the risk in catering around food safety. However, food’s risk profile is not just to do with cooking, storage etc. food has a financial risk. For instance, not keeping control of your supplier management can see prices increase without a business knowing. , These can be ..

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